Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

This is another of those dreaded questions that authors get asked.  Do you remember the ‘80s movie, Arthur with Dudley Moore?  He was sitting in the back of his car – was it a Rolls? – and starts laughing.  He said, “Sometimes I just think funny things.”  Or at least that’s how I remember the movie.  Anyway, that’s kind of the same thing with a lot of writers.  Sure, there are some who are methodical, some who do extensive research, or whatever, but it’s the everyday things that trigger ideas. 


Personally, my brain never stops.  I might see something happen, say, a stupid driver cuts off another car on the freeway.  My mind starts playing with it… What was the person thinking – or perhaps simply not thinking – to make him do something so reckless?  Or what would have happened if the driver of the other car wasn’t paying attention and hit him?   So my mind starts playing with the different scenarios, and depending on my mood, it can be really dark or light and funny. 


But most of the time, my ideas come from Hellifino.  A lot of writers, comedians, inventors, and such spend a great deal of time in Hellifino.  Hellifino is a place of volcanoes where ideas just come bubbling up to the surface, demanding attention.  Sometimes the ideas that burst out are brilliant and bright, demanding attention, getting ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’ with their over-the-top spectacle.  Others just ooze out and creep on their dark bellies to hide under the surface and ferment, waiting for just the right time to spring out on the unsuspecting with claws and dripping fangs tearing into the writer’s psyche.  Those are the ones I like. 

3 thoughts on “Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

  1. Well put Eileen. I have visited the Hellifino volcano before. I am glad that your volcano has bubbled over oozing thoughts from that magnificent mind. Keep visiting the Hellifino volcano and avoid Brainbegone at all costs. I give that destination a big thumbs down!

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