Unseen Resident Part 5

This is part 5 of the series of true blogs about the hauntings in my house.  If you’re just starting to read these or if it’s been a while since you checked in, I’d recommend reading the previous entries:

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After I was attacked (see Part 4), there was no denying that there was an entity in the house bent on hurting us.  I walked away from that experience with a new attitude: may God have mercy on that entity’s soul, because it would get none from me.  But we soon discovered that this wasn’t the only negative thing in the house.

Janice was in her room one weekend afternoon in mid October, working on her laptop on her bed.  She got up from her bed, and as she approached her bedroom door, something caught her eye near the ceiling in the corner.  It was something out of a horror movie, come to life in her own room.  It took her breath away.  It was a demon-like being, dark brown with scaly-type skin.  Its eyes were closed, and it was curled up into a crouching position, like it was sleeping.  She was shaking and was afraid that her thundering heart would be loud enough to get the being’s attention.  Not daring to make a sound, she backed out of the room, quietly, slowly, without taking her eyes off of it.  This entity gave off a dark and sinister feeling, far more evil than the ceiling dwellers we had found throughout the house and had attacked me.

She stayed in the front room, emotions warring within her.  Even though I was in my room doing homework, she was too afraid to get me or to speak of it.  The self-doubt that we’ve both felt about the stuff happening was in full force.  Had she really seen it?  Was it truly there?  Was she going crazy?  If she told me about it and I looked in her room, would I see it?  If I didn’t, would I believe her?  And if I did see it…would I anger it?  What would happen then?  She mustered up her courage and silently slipped down the hall to her room, carefully avoiding the creaky boards in the hardwood floor.  She inched open the door, being sure to make no sounds.

It was gone.

It took Janice several days to work up the nerve up to tell me about it.  I was horrified, but I believed her.  She either missed her calling as an actress, or her fear was genuine.  We contacted Elizabeth who offered to bring a team out to do a “clearing” to get rid of the entity.  Janice did her best to describe the beast, and the best name we could come up with for it was a gargoyle.  (The term gremlin was suggested, but frankly that just made me laugh – whatever you do, don’t feed it after midnight and don’t let it get wet.)  One of the people Elizabeth suggested bringing was Corky, a local demonologist.  We set the date for the clearing and waited.  It was only a couple weeks away, but it seemed like forever.  Would the entity and other spirits get riled up like they had before other investigations?  Would they get aggressive like they had during the smudging?  We were prepared for an increase in activity, but not for what we got.

Janice and I were both feeling anxious and drained of energy as the day drew nearer.  It was about this time that we started to see a pattern emerge.  Janice and I are both the kind of people that if we have a job to do, we don’t procrastinate, we just do it.  When I have a goal, I’m driven to do it immediately.  Yet whenever we have things to do that are related to the goings-on here, we both have difficulty completing them.  (It’s January, and I’m just writing about what happened right before Halloween.)  It feels like something is trying to stop us.  I get a feeling of dread whenever I think about doing the things we are supposed to be doing – even writing about this makes me anxious to find something else to do.  We were both given assignments to complete prior to the group coming out for the clearing, but I had to continually be prodded to get them done.  I was supposed to draw a layout of the house and property and send it to the group so that they could meditate on it and use pendulums.  My dad was a draftsman and an artist, but I got none of his abilities.  I still snicker when I see my drawing…looks like a kindergartner did it.  I was also supposed to get copper pipes that would be used to redirect the ley line’s energy around the house instead of directly through it.  Even though I pass the hardware store going to and from work, I kept forgetting or just deciding not to go get the pipes until the day before the team arrived.

When I woke up on the morning of the day of the clearing, I was counting down the hours until help would finally be here.  I was anxious all day and couldn’t concentrate on my work.  I was worried that Janice would be attacked at home or that something else would happen.  Elizabeth had sent us and the team an email warning us that “they know we’re coming.”  From her remote viewings, she had seen the evil entity, the gargoyle.  Its red eyes stared back at her, knowing, threatening.  Finally around lunch I couldn’t stand it anymore and went home.  I was surprised to find Janice laughing.  She showed me the EMF readings from all over the house.  Nothing.  Even the normal “hot spots” were reading 0.3 or less.  Seems like good news, right?  Not really.  It actually might be worse.  A clearing might be unsuccessful if the entities were hiding.  Rather than my anxiety being relieved, it was heightened.  There was another side to the anxiety: embarrassment.  Would we look like idiots if the team didn’t find anything?  We’d made a big deal over the aggressiveness of  the ceiling dweller, the gargoyle-like thing, and the amount of spirits we had coming and going on a continual basis.

That night was something that I will never forget…

Ready? Here goes… Part 6

2 thoughts on “Unseen Resident Part 5

  1. It sounds like you may have been procrastinating because
    in your mind you didn’t want to fully believe that there
    was something in your house, and that something was
    scaring the hell out of you. Probably being a strong,
    independent woman, you didn’t want to feel weak
    in any way. The creature you described is pretty
    freaky for sure, and reminds me of some of the
    creatures I’ve seen Amy Allen describe on her show
    The Dead Files.

    • I think you hit this right on. It is very hard to admit that there’s something I can’t handle. We love The Dead Files, too. We’ve tried to get them to come out, but no response yet. I wonder what Amy would find here!?!

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