Unseen Resident – Part 6: Clearing

This blog picks up where Part 5 left off.  If you’re just joining, I’d recommend checking out the previous posts:

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The group arrived and met out in front of the house; I noticed that something was wrong.  There should have been five people: Gail, Kathleen, Terry, Corky, and Elizabeth.  But there were only four.  When Elizabeth came into the house, she gave us the bad news.  Corky, the demonologist, had become violently ill just as she was leaving her home to come here.  She wouldn’t be coming.  My heart sank.  I hadn’t realized just how much I was counting on her abilities to rid the house of this evil entity.  Elizabeth did, however, give me some good news.  Both Corky and another medium would be adding their energies remotely.  I don’t understand how remote viewing and help works, but… well, I don’t understand how any of this works.

We started the evening with a protection prayer.  I took Gail, Kathleen, and Terry around the house while Janice stayed in the family room with Elizabeth.  The idea was for the mediums to sense the atmosphere of the house with and without Janice nearby.  This idea was based on the concept that Janice was the draw for the spirits and that paranormal activity decreases significantly when she’s not around.  I watched the mediums closely, but their faces were inscrutable.  Until, that is, we approached the old entrance to the crawl space.  Several years ago, I had sealed the exterior entrance – I can’t for the life of me figure out why access to the crawl space
is often from the outside of a house…seems like a very bad security issue to me.  But as we got closer to the old entrance, Terry’s attitude changed from one of curiosity to one of anxiety – not quite fear, but something close.  I could see his hands shaking, and perspiration beaded on his face.  He had found where the gargoyle was hiding.

We returned to the front room, and Janice and I switched places.  Interestingly, the mediums didn’t feel a difference around the house with Janice in the group as opposed to me showing them around.  I expected to see some emotions on their faces, but Gail and Kathleen especially looked like nothing special was going on.  I was surprised when we gathered in the family room again to hear about what they saw.  In Janice’s room, they found a high EMF reading in one of the upper corners.  They encouraged the entity to make the numbers go up…and the numbers on the detector went up to just shy of 10.0.  This made me rather uncomfortable.  I really don’t like enticing the entities to flex their powers.

To me, one of the scariest things in movies is when the person looks in a mirror and sees someone standing behind them, or they get a glimpse of movement in the reflection.  Then they told me about something they each saw that is a fear of mine.  The mediums all saw the same thing, similar to my fears – a face peering around the mirrors.  The spirits were using the mirrors throughout the house to jump from room to room.  The truth of this hit me hard.  The two areas where we typically get high and fluctuating EMF readings in my bedroom are right by the mirrors.  The EMF spikes we get in the bathroom are directly under the mirror.  And the hallway…I was assaulted when I was smudging that mirror.  The mediums also agreed that the gargoyle thing – we still couldn’t come up with a consensus for a name for it – was hiding under the house in the crawl space.  (The coincidence that the crawl space is used as a lurking place in my novel, House of Homicide, did not escape me… or is it truly a coincidence?  That aspect was written into the story because it’s a thought that especially creeps me out…is this entity playing on my fears?)

We situated ourselves into a circle – which Mulder seemed to feel certain was arranged so that all six people could pet him at the same time.  Doggy bliss until we all had to hold hands.   Not being a medium myself, what happened next was out of my realm of understanding, but I’ll try to explain as best I can.

I mentioned in a previous post that my sensei had taught me to harness and manipulate my internal energy.  That ability and the fact that I am the rightful owner of the property allowed me to be in the circle, but I was definitely the weak point.  Each medium sought out the entity, and as a full group, we used our energy to build a barrier surrounding it.  We visualized that barrier tightening around the entity until it was completely trapped.  Then, with Elizabeth leading the charge, we pushed the group’s collective energy around the circle; with each rotation, the energy became more powerful.  It was an amazing and scary feeling.  It wasn’t like in the movies where a wind blows through the house and lightning crackles, but the energy was absolutely palpable.  It was the most mind-blowing feeling I can remember.  As the energy increased, Elizabeth directed us to squeeze the entity, to force it to implode.

Yes!  It worked.  I will never forget the feeling as the entity was crushed and dissipated.  It was like a massive pressure that had been on my shoulders disappeared.  There was a lightness in my heart, and for the first time in a long time, I felt hope.  I kept thinking that if I felt that, what must the mediums be feeling?  I was overcome by a mixture of jubilation and exhaustion, and a soul-felt knowledge that this being was gone.  For now.

The discussion continued about what each person had felt in the house, including that there were spirit guides for both Janice and me.  For me?!  They all said that the guide who was watching over me was a tall man with round glasses wearing a long tan leather coat.  They explained that spirit guides come and go.  Some will stay for a long time, while others are just in transit.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my guide.  The poor dear must be totally frustrated with me.

While this discussion was going on, I noticed that Kathleen had a far-away expression on her face.  At times I would see her hands flutter and her lips move like she was in a private discussion with someone I couldn’t see.  When I asked, she told me that she was helping some souls pass over.  I asked how many she’d helped, and she gave me a small smile and simply said, “A few.”  Several weeks later I found out that there were close to a hundred souls that had been trapped by this soul-stealing gargoyle, and Kathleen helped them cross.  I was to learn (and experience) a lot more about “vampiric” entities over the next few months.  They sometimes feed on the lost souls or on the energy of the living.

No wonder I often wake up feeling totally drained.

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5 thoughts on “Unseen Resident – Part 6: Clearing

    • We suspect that Janice has powers that she doesn’t yet know how to use. She has started taking lessons 🙂 Several mediums have said that she is like a beacon, and souls are attracted to her. But since she doesn’t know how to help them, they get frustrated. Just to add more fun to the mix, since we are on a ley line, there is a continual coming/going of spirits and other entities. With Janice’s light and the souls attracted here, this house is a perfect place for a vampiric entity to set up shop and feed on the lost souls. This weekend I will be placing copper rods into the ground to try to redirect the ley line around our house instead of directly through it. Hopefully that will help decrease the visitors 🙂

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