Unseen Resident Part 6A

In my last post, I neglected to mention a very important – and scary – detail. I can’t even fathom how I left this off – it goes back to what I was saying about something preventing me from writing about this. We also had another investigation done at the house in November. For someone who is accustomed to dealing with details, it is disturbing to me that I would neglect to put these points in here. Heck, these aren’t even just details – they’re major events. I’ll get the two written up right away…

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Two days before the team came to do the clearing on the house, Janice woke up with scratches on her arm. Three parallel lines. They weren’t deep, but had caused some bleeding and scabbing.

I immediately started looking for a logical explanation. I compared the scratches to her other hand. We tried to position her fingers in such a way that she could have scratched herself. We couldn’t do it without a great deal of contorting. I suppose she could have done one scratch at a time, but that seems extremely unlikely. The scratches were too far apart to be from the paws (or teeth) of either of the dogs, and I couldn’t find anything in her room or the rest of the house that could have caused three scratches.

After the clearing team arrived at the house and conducted their inspection, we all sat by Janice and inspected her arm. The situation became even stranger. The marks were almost gone and were only faintly visible.


Janice is not known for her quick healing, so we were baffled by the disappearance of the lines. Nevertheless, the mediums, by resting their hands near Janice’s arm, could feel that something had marked her and was drawing on her energy through these marks. In their own words they described the thing that Janice had seen in her room. The gargoyle-ish being.

It took the joint effort of all of the mediums to severe the connection the entity had with Janice. Again, I can’t explain how they did it, but they pointed out that the connection had to be broken for the clearing to work. As I watched, I was taken by the pained expression on my sister’s face. I’m not used to seeing fear in her eyes, but it was unmistakable. As the mediums joined their energies and placed their hands above her arm, the fear intensified. The look of fear was mixed with pain. Seeing that look on her face tore at my heart. You’re hurting her! It took every ounce of restraint not to interfere.

The process only lasted two to three minutes, but to me it felt like at least a half hour. I couldn’t feel any difference in the house, but I could see relief in my sister’s eyes. With the connection broken, we were then able to move on to destroying the entity.

Shortly after this event, Janice and I were visiting with some ghost-hunting friends who quite literally begged us to let them investigate a “real” haunted house. With Kathleen having passed so many souls over and the gargoyle thing gone, I figured that there wouldn’t be much, if any, activity for them to see, so against my better judgment, I agreed. It was an interesting night.

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