Unseen Resident Part 7

I’ve mentioned before that the activity in the house seems to settle down quite a bit when Janice is away.  This trip for her is no exception.  As I was sitting on the porch last evening, I was finding it easy once again to write about what’s been happening here.  But while it’s easier, details have slipped away from me.  So before I forget, I’m going to talk about what happened last week.  Sorry for jumping out of order here…


Janice has been away pet sitting.  She was gone for a few days, returned over the weekend for a class, and then left again.  During those first few days she was gone, I felt nothing paranormal in the house.  I set up the Rem-Pod in a few places in the house, including her room, and got absolutely nothing.


When she returned home, the activity started back up.  She put the Rem-Pod on her bed, and it beeped fairly consistently.  She went around the house with the EMF detector and got high readings throughout, where just days before I’d gotten zilch.  One area that had a high reading was in the bathroom.  Under the bathroom mirror has been a hot spot in the past, and we’ve had some pretty good videos of “orbs” around that mirror.  (I don’t want to post those videos because I am not 100% certain that all of the anomalies on the videos are orbs and not just dust particles.)  We’ve never had the Rem-Pod beep at us in the bathroom, but this time it did.  http://youtu.be/kEDasRJzegE


On Monday, Janice left again, and I put the Rem-Pod out in various locations throughout the house.  Once again, nothing.  Then just before I went to bed, I was organizing things in my room.  I moved a bunch of stuff from my dresser to the floor by the closet to make room for tools that I was using to hang pictures.  As I was drifting off to sleep, a loud POP woke me up, and little Flynn jumped up in alert.  His body was rigid, and his attention was focused on the floor by my closet.  I turned the light on, but didn’t notice anything unusual.


The next morning I woke up with a bad headache and the body ache that tells me a fever is coming.  After calling in sick, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to continue the work on my room.  I went to retrieve one of the bottles of water that I’d moved to the floor, but it wasn’t there.  I thought back to the night before and could clearly picture it in my head where I’d put the bottle.  Thinking that perhaps Flynn or Bailey had decided to play with the plastic bottle, I searched around the house.  No water bottle.


Was that the POP both Flynn and I heard?


Out of curiosity, I got the Rem-Pod back out and set it on the floor where the bottle had been and crawled back into bed.  Nothing woke my slumber.  Later in the morning, the fever hit with a vengeance.  I didn’t have anything to take for it, so I decided to go to the drug store.  Before walking out the door, I put the Rem-Pod on Janice’s bed.  It stayed silent.  I shrugged and left.


Once I was out of the house and getting fresh air, I felt a tiny bit better.  So after taking some meds, I ate my lunch at a nearby park until it got too hot.  When I came in from the garage, I could hear a buzzing.  Granted, my head was foggy with the fever, but it took me until I was going down the hall to the bedrooms before I realized what the buzzing was.  The Rem-Pod was squealing.  I’d forgotten that I’d left it on.


I videoed the room so you can see what I saw.  There is nothing with power near the Rem-Pod; the lights are not on, and the A/C had not yet kicked on.  http://youtu.be/3q2i4RK5plU


Clearly, I was not alone.  I’m still waiting for my water bottle to reappear.

Ready for Part 8?

3 thoughts on “Unseen Resident Part 7

  1. This is strange, and was going to say that maybe, something
    is following Janice, and when she is out of the house, it goes
    too, but you had the one incident to happen, so it makes
    me think, maybe, not following. Do you think you could
    be getting sick because of something in your home?
    I think you shouldn’t use the Rem-Rod in your home
    for awhile, that in itself could stir up more activity.
    Just my opinion…:)

    • I think you are correct in that something is following Janice because activity definitely decreases when she’s away. But since we’re on a lei line, we will continually have new entities coming through. I also think that my getting sick very well could be from the activity. If something tries to drain my energy, I would be more vulnerable to any virus going around.

      And you’re also right about not using the Rem-Pod and other detection equipment. After writing that last post, I haven’t touched any of the stuff. I don’t need to give them any encouragement. We also have a team coming soon to help clear the house again.


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