Unseen Resident Part 10

I’ve seen a pattern of paranormal activity at my house that I’ve mentioned before.  When my sister, Janice, is away on vacation for several days, the activity disappears; however, when she’s away for an evening, the entities seem to get restless.  Last night was no exception.

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Janice was with friends at a concert, and I was enjoying a quiet evening of relaxation, watching TV in the family room, sitting in my favorite recliner with  my puppy, Flynn, asleep on my lap.  His head was nestled on my chest, with his silky soft fur brushing my chin.  Life couldn’t be better, right?  Until Flynn suddenly lifted his head and looked around.  He moved to a sitting position with his paws on my chest.  His body was trembling, and I could feel the vibration transmit through my body.  His ears went back, and he stared at something over my right shoulder.  His expression was one of panic and fear.


We’ve recently rearranged the furniture in the living room, and my chair is now sitting roughly where Janice’s used to be.  We had noticed on many occasions that she would have high EMFs over her right shoulder, so I immediately suspected that Flynn was seeing something behind me.  I slowly turned to look, and my heart leapt into my throat.  I didn’t see anything, but I was transported back to the night that I was attacked in front of the hallway mirror.  That was the exact spot where Flynn’s eyes were fixed.


When I was attacked a year ago, I had ignored Mulder’s warning.  I wasn’t going to be so stupid this time.  I told Flynn, “off,” and he jumped to the floor as I quickly got out of the chair and moved across the room.  He turned and faced the hallway mirror, his body tense and still shaking, and his tail was tucked between his legs.  I put my hand to my chest to hold the leather satchel of crystals I usually wear for protection, but my hand came up empty.  It was sitting on my nightstand.  I needed to get that satchel.


I slowly worked my way to the kitchen table where we keep our stock of protective crystals.  I took two large pieces of black tourmaline out of the case and clutched them to my chest.  Not daring to close my eyes, I prayed in silence to Arch Angel Michael to watch over me (psychic medium Jackie Barrett had warned us not to make these types of prayers out loud to avoid encouraging evil entities from saying, “Oh yeah?  That’s all you’ve got?  Let me show you what I’ve got!).  As I started walking towards the hallway, my pulse pounded in my ears.  The only way to get to my bedroom was to walk directly by the hallway mirror where I’d been previously attacked.  Bailey, my aging corgi, moved into the hallway ahead of me.  Rather than going down the center of the hall on the carpet runner, she hugged the left wall, as far from the mirror as she could possibly be.  When she got a few feet past the mirror, she broke into a sprint and disappeared into my bedroom.  The thunder of her feet on her ramp told me she’d made it safely to her sentinel perch at the window.


I took a deep breath and steeled myself.  Moving with a purpose, I confidently strode down the hall, not giving in to my fear.  Flynn was right on my heels.  As I entered my room, he flew past me, ran up the ramp, and leapt to my bed.  There was an oppressive feeling in my room.  The air felt thick, heavy.  I grabbed the satchel from my nightstand and strung it around my neck.  Perhaps it was the psychological boost I got from it, but the air felt less threatening.  I stepped back into the hallway and opened up the linen closet door where we keep our smudging supplies.  I’d learned my lesson and wouldn’t smudge until Janice got home, but I grabbed a black candle and a white one.  Back in my room, I lit the candles and again called on Arch Angel Michael for his protection.  And like a little kid, I slipped into my bed and tried to ignore what was going on.  After a few minutes, I sent Janice a text to let her know that something nasty was in the house.


When Janice arrived home, she, too, felt the thickened air in my room.  She brought her divining rods and amethyst pendulum into my room and sat with me on the bed.  I don’t think I’ve talked much about her abilities with these objects, and I’ve got to video it one of these days.  We can only ask yes/no questions or ask the rods to point to something.  Here are some of the questions and answers we posed while huddled together on the bed:


Q:        Is there something evil in the house with us?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Does it mean us harm?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Will it harm the dogs?

A:        No.


Q:        Is there more than one evil entity here?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Do we know the entities?

A:        No.


Q:        Where are the entities?

A:        (The rods pointed past me, as if something was standing behind me and to the left.)


Q:        Do the entities drain the dogs’ energy?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Are there more than three ghost/spirits/entities in the room with us?

A:        Yes.


Q:        Have these entities been draining my energy? (I’d woken up lethargic in the morning.)

A:        Yes.


(NOTE:  As I’m writing this in the family room, the REM-Pod that is sitting on the table next to me has started squawking and I’m having trouble taking anything other than shallow breaths.  Janice is sitting nearby and is feeling nauseated.)


Q:        Are we safe to sleep in our bedrooms tonight?

A:        No.


Q:        Would we be safer in the family room?

A:        Yes.


We both scurried off the bed and went to the family room.


(NOTE:  The battery on my computer just went from about 1/3 full to completely dead.  I had to go get my charger to continue writing this.)


We asked a few more questions to be sure that we were safe in the family room and decided that we would both sleep out there.  It was an uncomfortable night, but Flynn resumed his place on my lap with his head nestled on my chest.  His calm and loving presence let me relax enough to finally close my eyes, and the night passed without further incidents.


In the morning, Janice and I were both positive that the evil entities were still present.  I give the sleeping accommodations the most credit for my lack of energy, but I won’t discount something draining it through the night.  We went about the day as if it were normal.  Over breakfast we decided that there was no need for a smudging.  As I’m writing this up and rereading what happened, I’m struck with a huge WTH?!  We don’t need to do a smudging?!  Huh?!  Something is definitely trying to influence our thinking.


Time to go smudge.  With a vengeance.

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