Unseen Resident – Part 11

When I started writing the blogs about the Unseen Resident, I figured that it would just be a few entries.  Surely we would be able to get rid of the entities that have been plaguing us.  And we have.  Surely we would have a calm and peaceful home without paranormal beings intruding in our lives.  And we most certainly do not.  Instead, the drama continues with different entities popping in to disrupt our lives.  Some days are good and some are downright nasty, and the last couple weeks fall into the latter category.

It doesn’t seem that long ago – a few months, maybe – but when I went back and looked at my notes, I realized that it’s been a full year since Janice saw a thing in her room. (Part 5)  I sincerely hope the next year goes by as quickly so I can get out of this house.  I would love to leave now, but circumstances make it difficult if not all together impossible.  Instead, I will hang on until my retirement eligibility date next November, take my pension, and move out of the Bay Area.  I hate saying that, because I really love this house.  I know that sounds strange with everything that’s happened here.  But I think that with Janice and I in this house at this particular time combine to create the events that have happened.  Take away any one of these ingredients, and the house will be the perfect home for someone.  As they say, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Let me back up a bit.  Have you read about the things going on here?  I’d recommend reading these posts from the beginning:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6A, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10.

In early September, something happened that stunned me.  More than a month has gone by, and I’m still not able to write about it.  I will only say that Janice is no longer alone in seeing a non-human thing in the house.  But while I’m not ready to talk about it yet, it did catapult me into an action that I thought would not happen: I agreed to go to the Catholic Church and ask for a house blessing.  My friends know that I don’t ask for help very often, and this situation with the house and its unseen (and seen!) non-guests has forced me to lean on my friends.  But to go to the church?!  That’s truly a sign that I am getting frantic and worried about our health.

Deciding where to go was our first hurdle.  We were raised Roman Catholic, but throughout the years, we haven’t been active in the Church.  We agreed to go to the church we attended when we grew up.  Finding the office for the church was more difficult than we expected, but a janitor kindly directed us to the right place.  A middle-aged woman greeted us with a smile and responded, “Oh, yes,” to our asking if a priest would do a house blessing.  She wrote down our information and asked, “This is a simple house blessing?”

Janice replied, “I hope so.”

The woman looked confused.  I was concerned that she would be sending someone out who was inexperienced, and that could lead to bad things happening.  I could envision an untrained person coming out and making things worse – or even being injured.  I stupidly blurted, “Well, we’re having paranormal activity.”

I’ve heard the phrase, “her eyes went flat,” but I must admit that this was the first time I’d ever really seen it.   Her demeanor changed from friendly to seriously irritated.

“We can talk with the priest about it,” Janice quickly added.

We left the office, both of us wondering if the priest would ever see the note.  More than a month has gone by, and we still have not heard back from them.  Did the woman throw the note away, figuring that we were kooks?  Was our plea for help ignored?  Or perhaps the Church is so busy that they just haven’t gotten to us?  As I’ve told friends, it feels like we called the suicide hotline and they hung up on us.

About this time, Janice thought that it would be a good idea to put crucifixes up.  I may lose readership here, but I must admit that the crucifix bothers me.  I know what it stands for; I understand the significance of the sacrifice that it portrays, but to me it is a symbol of torture.  A man nailed to a cross, for whatever reason, put on display for the masses, is still torture.  Since we’ve come to discover that the spot on the wall between my bedroom and the office seems to be the intersection of the two ley lines in the house, I thought that putting the crucifix over that spot would make the most sense.  (For more on the discovery of the second ley line, see Part 9).  We also hung my mom’s rosary on my bedroom side of the intersection.  But after putting them up, both Janice and I could feel something wrong – a change in energy – when we were standing or sitting in the office near the crucifix.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  A pressure?  A low level vibration?  It wasn’t a good feeling.  Elizabeth Barton advised to take the crucifix and rosary down.  I must admit a bit of relief to do so.

For the last two weeks, I have been plagued by vertigo.  When I was a teenager, I had chronic labrynthitis (dizziness caused by inner ear issues), so I’m familiar with dizziness.  But this is not the same.  For one thing the vertigo is almost exclusively while at home.  Getting up in the morning is the worst.  The room violently tilts and spins, resets, tilts and spins, resets, repeat.  My doctor recommended sleeping sitting/propped up and taking meclizine.  I have done this for the last week with no decrease in symptoms.

On Wednesday night I decided to check on the EMF levels in my room to see if this was having any bearing on my dizziness.  The detector lit up immediately over my bed in an area where we have not had readings previously (which is precisely why I moved my bed to that location).  On a hunch, I checked the readings along the ley line.  Nothing.  What?!  I systematically went back and forth across the room with the detector, plotted the readings, and came up with one answer:  the ley line shifted.  Was this shift caused by the crucifix and rosary?  If the line shifted, is there something we can do to make it shift more – like out into the street?  Is there going to be a consequence of shifting the ley line?  (Please do not blame the next earthquake on me!)  Is this the cause of my dizziness or just a coincidence?

Are there any experts on ley lines out there?  Are there ramifications from moving fields of energy like ley lines?  I’d love to hear your theories!

And bear with me… I hope to soon be able to put down in writing what happened, what I saw.  But for now, if I don’t write about it, it doesn’t feel completely real.  Perhaps I need that to keep my sanity.


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8 thoughts on “Unseen Resident – Part 11

  1. Oh dear, that is super creepy. I wouldn’t be able to stay there.

    So here’s my question about the house blessing issue with the church: Why did the woman ask if it was just a “simple” house blessing? That implies an awareness that there is another kind of house blessing. I’d try to contact the priest directly or find another church. (And I totally get the thing about crucifixes; not the same thing as a simple cross.)

    • Hmmm. Kassandra, that’s a great question! You’re absolutely right. And if she recognizes that there is something more than just a simple house blessing, why have such a strong reaction to my admission of paranormal activity?

  2. So creepy because it’s true! I’m sorry you’re having such problems with your house. Haunted houses are all fun in games until you have to live in one. Let’s hope the next Bay Area earthquake is small enough not to do any serious damage but big enough to shift those ley lines.

  3. Eileen, I would never want to assume anything because who could in a situation like this? So, I’m going to go back and read your other posts tomorrow. For now I send positive energy to your home and family. And thank you for being brave enough to share this with us!

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