Unseen Resident – Part 12

As always, if you have been away for a while or are new to the Unseen Resident blog, I would recommend reading the previous blogs:

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A reader asked me recently if the paranormal activity has stopped in the house since I haven’t posted anything lately.  No, I’m not that lucky.  This house has shown me that a person can get used to just about anything.  We hear bumps and crashes that are definitely not part of the house settling, but we just look at each other and roll our eyes.  I have gotten to the point that I just ignore the standard stuff, as long as it isn’t negative energy.  I haven’t felt anything malicious in quite a while, thank goodness. (Janice may disagree with me on this point since she is much more sensitive to the entities’ energy.)  It does seem like we are getting a larger group of entities since the air feels thick, so I know we need to do a clearing. Move along folks, nothing to see here. I don’t want to have a bunch of benign spirits here when a malevolent one pops in and traps them here.

We have a rather playful spirit in the house right now.  We were watching television in the family room, and Janice kept being distracted by a shadow that she glimpsed in the reflection from the glass doors on the entertainment center.  The shadow kept moving back and forth across the kitchen, as though it were pacing, or perhaps playing hide and seek.

Last night when I got home from a 14-hour workday, I was exhausted and not in the greatest of moods, to say the least.  Janice told me that her glasses were missing.  She related that she had been sitting in her chair in the family room alternating between working on her computer and watching the TV, which meant that she was putting on and taking off her glasses throughout the day.  But late in the afternoon, she’d reached out for her glasses, and they weren’t where she usually puts them.  They weren’t on the table and hadn’t fallen to the floor.  She thoroughly searched her recliner, checking to see if they’d slipped down through the cushions.  She put the foot of the chair up and checked underneath, but the glasses weren’t there.  She looked throughout the house, carefully checking each room.  No glasses.  I began my own search, systematically covering the whole house, including scouring her recliner and the floor of the entire family room.  No luck.  I checked inside cupboards, boxes, even the laundry bins and garbage cans.  Frustrated, I went back to her chair and crawled underneath it.  Nope.  As I stood up, I snapped, “Give me the damned glasses back!”


I looked down where I heard the soft sound, and there were her glasses, not six inches from my left foot.  There is absolutely no way they’d been there before – I would have stepped on them during my search.

If the entities are strong enough to take and return objects, it’s time for them to move on.  I think that I will hold off the next clearing until after Thanksgiving.  It would be nice for the entities to experience a festive and loving family gathering before moving on.  Let that be their last memories of this realm before continuing their ethereal journey.

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