Unseen Resident – Part 14

It has been a quite a while since my last update. As always, if this is the first time you’re checking out this blog, or if it’s been a while and you need to refresh, I recommend checking out the previous entries in the Unseen Resident series. Halloween is almost upon us, so you might think I’d be posting a scary encounter, but I’m not. Quite the opposite.

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Things have changed dramatically, and I have been afraid that the changes wouldn’t hold. I didn’t want to post about it for fear that we’d be jinxed. Not really, but I didn’t want to press my luck. Let me back up. Janice and I continued to experience visitors passing through. Most did not stay, but rather moved on after making their presence known. Sometimes this was just a touch on the shoulder, or maybe a whiff of perfume or cologne. Other times it was a bit more physical with a jab or poke, but nothing like what we had experienced before. We were starting to think that the worst was over, and we could relax. Nope. Of course not. Towards the end of May and beginning of June something else popped in for a visit. We could feel the atmosphere in the house change from being positive to a negative energy. For me, the most dramatic sign was a significant shortening of my temper. Granted, I was a bit nervous about my book, House of Homicide, coming out in June, but that and other normal stressors did not account for the sharpness of my anger. Part of my brain noticed my reactions, but I couldn’t seem to reel in my hostility. To be fair, Janice wasn’t exactly Mary Poppins, either.

Our Aunt Berni is the biggest inspiration and guiding light in my life, so I was thrilled that she was able to come visit us from Arizona for my book launch party. I figured that her positive nature and influence was exactly what my soul needed. The book launch party was a success, mostly due to the work by Berni and Janice. At 90 years old, Berni is still more spry than most people over 75, but she is, of course, facing some health issues. We decided to take her to see Dr. Dat On in Stockton, CA, a doctor of acupuncture and master of Qigong (pronounced Chee GONG), a traditional holistic Chinese medicine. (An explanation of the wide range of benefits of qigong will have to wait for another blog.) During his scan of Berni, he found where she had spiritual blockage, which was manifesting itself as dementia. He worked with her to clear that blockage, and the result was amazing (again, that could be an entirely different blog post).

When Dr. On turned his attention to my sister, though, things got quite interesting. He found that she had an attachment. A demon. He worked to remove and banish it, and all the while, his calm, caring, and peaceful demeanor never changed. I could only see the slightest signs of tension in his eyebrows. He then turned his attention to our house. Keep in mind that we were in Stockton, about 80 miles away from our home. He had me draw a rough floor plan of the property, and as he meditated on it, he tapped the drawing a few times in what I consider the hot spots: the area in the back yard where the flies hang out and the spot between my room and the office where we believe the lei lines cross. We had not told him the significance of these two areas. He stayed quiet for a few minutes, although I could see that he was saying something, and his focus was intense. After a few minutes, he smiled at us and said that he had closed the portals.

He what?! He explained that there were portals in the house that were allowing beings to come through. We had suspected that there were portals, and several mediums had tried to help with them, both on site and remotely. None had been completely successful. Closing portals takes an extremely strong and skilled medium with that specific talent, a very rare combination. And he did it from 80 miles away. The skeptic in me reared its head again.

On the drive home, we were abuzz with everything we’d learned from Dr. On. The visit was truly amazing. But when we got to the house, I was stunned. It was different. That peaceful, happy feeling I’d had when I first came to visit the house––the one that made me buy the house––was back. This was my home.

It’s now been over three months since that visit to Dr. On. While the activity in the house has not completely ceased, the negative energy is gone. We still get the occasional whiff of perfume or cologne and have a sudden cold spot that indicates that an entity is near, but they never stay for more than a few seconds. I have come to the conclusion that wherever Janice is she will attract benign spirits as she develops her talents in the paranormal field. I believe that when we move, the activity in this house will stop, leaving it as I had found it back in 2008: peaceful, loving, positive. It will be the perfect house for a new family. I know it. I feel it in my heart.

If you would like to contact Dr. Dat On, you can find him here:

Dr. Dat On

5904 N. El Dorado Street #A

Stockton, CA 95207



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