An Unseen Resident – Part 2: An Update

It’s been four weeks since we had the paranormal investigation done at our house, so I thought I’d give an update.  Poor Laura, the lead investigator at our house, has been in such high demand, that she hasn’t had time to organize the evidence here, so I don’t yet have the second half of the investigation results to share with you all.  But that doesn’t mean that things have been quiet here.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve never been so happy that my paranormal senses are dull.  My sister and dogs are not so lucky.

Two weeks ago, in an effort to learn more about what we are facing, Janice and I joined Laura on an investigation in a known haunted location.  Did I mention that my senses are non-existent?  Non-existent pretty much describes the paranormal experiences for my group when I was in the room.  The other team, though, was bombarded with activity…while my group sat in bored silence.  Okay, there were a few anomalies, but the skeptic in me found somewhat rational explanations for them.  What I did learn from the experience, though, is my house is comparatively hopping with activity.  And in the last four weeks, it has intensified.

Janice bought two EMF detectors: one has an escalation of lights (greens to yellows to red) that shows the general amount of EMF, the other is a digital reader that shows EMFs in 0.1 milligauss. (See previous blog – An Unseen Resident Part 1 – for an explanation of EMF and detectors.)  We have been getting bizarre and transient readings throughout the house.  EMF readings should remain consistent, provided that the circumstances remain the same.  We have taken baseline readings so that we can examine anomalies with known data.  For example, we have taken readings in the bathroom with the light on/off, the nightlight on/off, the microwave and the oven in the kitchen (they back up to the wall of the bathroom) on/off, the hairdryer on/off, and all of the combinations.  All combinations during our baseline sessions, in fact, resulted in no readings whatsoever.  And yet at various times when we have carried the detectors into the bathroom, we get high readings.  But five minutes later, there are again none.

We have taken to keeping the detectors sitting by us when we are watching TV in the family room.  We have some wireless speakers that sit behind us, and if the detector is placed in line with them, I will have a reading between 0.9 and 1.1 on the digital detector and one green light on the other.  Janice keeps the non-digital one on the arm of her chair, out of range of the wireless speaker signal.  Then out of nowhere, we get what we call a lightning show.  The lights on the non-digital detector will go crazy jumping from green to red (which indicates 30 milligauss or more).  This will only last a few seconds and then will go away.

Enough of the EMF stuff…  What is scary now is what we are feeling in the house.  Last weekend I was so tired that I slept most of the day and throughout the night.  Granted, I work full time, go to school full time, am working on my book, etc., so it’s not surprising that I might be a bit tired.  But on Monday morning, I could barely get out of bed.  By Tuesday, my lethargy was more intense and I couldn’t work out at all.  Wednesday and Thursday were even worse.  I was not sleepy, I just didn’t have any energy at all.  The only times I recovered energy was when I was at work – only to have it sapped again as soon as I returned home.

Janice over the past couple weeks has been feeling an intense need to get out of the house.  Like something is making her leave.  She was getting feelings of anxiety and tightness in her chest.  On Thursday afternoon, she sent me a text that her anxiety was unbearable.  She called a medium for advice.  The medium told her that there was definitely something in the house with her, and she needed to do a cleansing.  So when I got home from work, we went to the metaphysical store for supplies. And a clandestine trip to a Catholic church to purloin some holy water (we did leave a donation).

Our cleansing started with two candles, one white, one black.  Here’s what says about black candles: “Used in rituals to induce a deep meditational state, to protect and/or to ward off negativity. Can be used to banish evil or negativity as in uncrossing rituals; attracts Saturn energy. Burning black with any other color is said to dissolves all negative energies.”  We sat together at the dining room table, situated in the center of the house.  We prayed for help from the angels, asking them to help us remove the negative spirits and infuse the house with light.  Interestingly, we had difficulties getting the black candle lit.  But halfway through the cleansing, the candle broke in half and went out.  I couldn’t get it relit.

We then went through the house with sea salt and holy water telling the spirits that they were not welcome in our house.  Janice splashed the holy water while I put a line of salt across all window and door thresholds.  We even anointed the dogs with the holy water.  We then repeated the trek through the house, this time with me splashing the holy water, and Janice burned sage.  Maybe I’ve watch too many horror movies, but when it came time to put protection around the crawl space entrances, my hands were shaking.  I’ve also never been real fond of the attic area, mostly because I just know that spiders are waiting to pounce on me.  I can feel them lurking just out of sight.  So as I climbed the wobbly ladder and pushed the hatch board up, my knees were shaking as much as my hands were.  I think I got as much salt in my face as I did around the attic openings.

During this time, our chow chow, Mulder, stayed right by our sides, never more than a few inches from one of us.  He gave off a feeling of power and protectiveness, unlike the night of the investigation when he was worried and anxious.  Bailey, the corgi, though, was quite different.  She was terrified.  We could see her shaking from across the room.  At one point she hid under the desk, and I attempted to film her – but let’s just say I fail at cameras.  We’ll see how my technology skill goes when I try to put the little video on this blog…  Bailey During Cleansing (Can’t figure out how to embed it, so I put it on YouTube.  Sorry for the commercials .)

During various parts of the cleansing, Janice and I both felt intense pressure in our chests.  And it didn’t stop that night.  We still keep the EMF detectors with us when we watch TV, and we are still getting our lightning shows.  But each time the detector flashes its lights, we also feel the heaviness.

I fear our cleansing may have failed.

So I ask you…Is it time to get out?  Do we need to move?  What would you do?

Things didn’t go as planned… Click here for Part 3

3 thoughts on “An Unseen Resident – Part 2: An Update

  1. It’s been my experience that unwanted (negative) spirits can often take a while to dissipate, especially if they’ve lived in the house for a long time.

    I would try to do another round of cleansing & smudging (sage wand), but if this persists much longer, it might be a good idea to leave.

    Good luck!

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  3. What it sounds like is your energy is being
    drained by the spirit/spirits in your home, which
    they can do…as far as the tightness and anxiety,
    spirits can do that as well. I would suggest if you
    hadn’t already, don’t use the EMF detectors anymore,
    that as well could heightened unwanted activity.
    I would also suggest to surround yourself with the
    white light of God, say a protection prayer, which
    you can find one on the Internet or just use your
    own words. This does work because I have personally
    used this myself.

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