Unseen Resident Part 9

On August 3, Janice and I gave a presentation to the Bay Area Ghost Hunters group about the experiences we’ve been having in our house.  I promised them that I would not post this blog until after that meeting so that they would be the first to hear/see the amazing evidence we got at our last investigation/clearing.  The presentation went well (neither Janice nor I feinted from stage fright).

As always, if you haven’t read the previous posts, I urge you to start with the first and make your way forward.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6a, Part 7, Part 8

By the end of May, Janice and I were once again feeling weakened, like something was draining our energy.  Our new puppy, Flynn, was also doing some strange things.  Several nights I had awoken to find him standing by my head snapping at something in front of my mouth.  Then he would try to put his head and neck over my mouth and neck, as though he was trying to use his body to block something.  I have asked several dog trainers and behaviorists about this.  Was this something common?  Was he trying to smother me?  All said that they had never heard/seen this type of behavior before.

On June 2, we had a team come out to do another clearing.  It was a very interesting night, and one of the investigators, Gar, got some excellent footage on his phone camera, including one that might explain Flynn’s strange behaviors.

As always, the investigation begins with a prayer of protection.  When we first started doing these, I thought the prayers were a waste of time.  But over the last year, I have come to become passionate about them and wouldn’t consider doing a clearing without them.  Take a look at this picture of Janice.  Janice_lights[1]We have tried to recreate the lights above her head, along the closet door, and in the hallway, but we haven’t been able to reproduce any of them.  Is this a manifestation of the protection prayer?

Out in our backyard, there’s an area that has a creepy feeling, and every medium who has come by has commented on it – without us mentioning it.  It’s an area where we have flies and gnats at all times of the year, and they always fly in counter-clockwise circles.  Several mediums have indicated that it is probably a vortex, and the ley line runs directly through it.  Garner was standing in that spot and took this picture. Orbs_back_yard[1]  Additional pictures from the backyard are on my website: http://www.eileenmagill.com.

I had a videographer look at the pictures, and he felt that these green spots were not artifacts on the camera lens or light anomalies.

There is a spot on the wall between my bedroom and the office that always has a high EMF reading, sometime above 30 and rarely below 17 – even with the power to the house turned off.  I’ve gone up into the attic and looked at the wall to see if there is a water pipe, wiring, or some other object that could be giving off EMFs, but there is nothing there.  When Janice and I were in Arizona earlier this year, I bought a Native American medicine wheel shield that I use to cover that spot.  I wasn’t sure it made much of a difference, so when I rearranged my bedroom furniture a few months ago, I moved the shield to a spot directly across the room from the previous spot.  When Gar was checking the EMFs in my room, he noted the high reading, and I told him about the shield.  He then moved to the shield and took a reading there.  To our surprise, there was a reading above 20 there.  Thinking it was the shield that caused the reading, he removed the shield from the wall and put it on my bed.  The shield’s reading there was 0.0.  He checked the wall where the shield had been, and the 20+ reading was back.

Suddenly everything clicked in my head.  In our living room, we’d had high EMFs in a straight line from the TV and sound system to the wireless speakers that sit behind our chairs.  We’d thought that the readings were simply from the wireless transmission.  But that line is in direct line with the high spots in the office and my bedroom.  Here’s a picture of the floor plan for that part of the house with a yellow line to show where the readings were.  Second Ley Line  Is this a second ley line?  We already knew we had a ley line running north/south that went through the workshop in the backyard, through the “vortex”, through Janice’s room, and into the office.  If this is a second ley line, it would intersect with the north/south line in the office.

Gar immediately went into the office to get a reading on that spot on the wall.  He stood next to my desk and held the EMF detector in his left hand, and in his right, he held his camera that was taking random pictures.  Suddenly, Gar yelped and jumped back.  He started massaging his left arm and said that he felt like he had been shocked.  I looked at his arm and saw nothing, certainly no sign of electric shock.  He then looked at his camera, and with a pale face, he showed me what was there.  The first few pictures looked normal, with the exception of this high EMF reading that was approaching 20.  Then came the picture that scared the heck out of me.  Garner zapped You can clearly see the energy moving along his arm and spreading outward.  The reading on the EMF detector is 23.2.  (Note:  the only electrical equipment within five feet of the detector at that spot was the printer, but it was completely off.)

Another investigator was in the room, and she had her camera at her side, pointing down.  It, too, had taken a picture at the time that Gar was getting zapped.  It showed that same orange energy line going from Gar’s foot to the floor.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have that picture to post here, sorry.)

Back in my room again, Gar took pictures of Flynn.  The puppy was sitting on my bed staring at something we couldn’t see.  Flynn watching orbs  Is this what he snaps at in front of my face when I’m sleeping?  Does he cover my face and/or neck to prevent these things from getting to me?

We proceeded with the clearing of the house, and afterward Janice and I have noticed a strange thing.  The flies that do their counter-clockwise ritual in the backyard are gone.  For the six and a half years we’ve lived here, the flies have been there at all times of the year, no matter the season or weather.  And now they’re gone.  This last weekend there was one fly there for a few minutes, but then it left.

Gar has also reportedly had an increase in his psychic abilities.  I’m not sure what really happened when he seems to have been zapped, but I will tell you this:  I have not – and don’t plan to in the near future – checked that spot on the office wall with an EMF detector!

2 thoughts on “Unseen Resident Part 9

  1. The first picture of the woman standing and there is light
    around her…well, I noticed beside her a door was opened,
    an there was light pouring through, which could have been
    cause for the light, and then behind her there was also
    more light coming through, so could that have been
    a reflection from the sun?

    • I was skeptical when I saw the picture, too. But I’ve tried to recreate the lighting, but haven’t been able to get those images. She is standing at the entrance to the three bedrooms (all the doors are open) and a closet door that is closed. The sun was just setting, so the light in the room behind her couldn’t be from the windows in that room, and the overhead lights weren’t on. The overhead light in the room that she is facing was on, but no lights were on in the other two rooms. The area of lights that is most puzzling to me is on the wall in front of her (closest to the camera to the right). I have not be able to get a reflection on that wall except with a mirror, but she didn’t have anything on her that could cause a reflection, and there wasn’t anyone standing behind her out of sight of the camera. As always, I appreciate your critical eye! (I STILL want to debunk stuff.)

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